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Marie Hale, Founder of fwd.rEvolution

Marie Hale is the award-winning co-founder and owner of @revenue, a sales and marketing collaborative, and professional speaker who founded fwd.rEvolution with a true understanding of what it takes to be resilient. Between 2017 and 2018 she lost her life and business partner and then she lost her best friend. As she had to find the strength over and over again to reassemble her life, she felt deeply that what she had been through had a bigger purpose.

When the pandemic hit, and parents everywhere began to crumble under the stress of the new kind of schooling, and the female recession began pushing equality back by decades, Marie started to rage. And then she made a plan.

With her 20 years of experience running multi-national teams and heart for big vision with powerful operational structures, she and the amazing team at @revenue got to work creating a solution for what is happening to working mothers and fathers today, and a plan on how to change it for the better in the future. With flexible work schedules, educational support systems, and the community needed to grow, this is an organization like no other.

What is Clutching Our Pearls?

  •  Truth-telling, no holds barred views on society, business, and everything in between
  •  Smart, funny, and brassy conversation
  • Insights into the things that no one wants to talk about, but that everyone needs to know

Young women have been told for the last thirty years or so that if we really want it and we work hard enough, we can have it all: career, family, financial independence. But for all the progress we’ve made, 2020 slapped us with a brand new feminine recession. The options for building a family and a career weren’t great before, and now they’ve all but disappeared. Suffice it to say, we’re mad as hell!

As a CEO, sales and marketing veteran, single mom and now homeschool headmistress, Marie Hale has been through the wringer more than once. This time, she funneled her anger into not just a new business, but a new business model. In the last months of 2020, Marie did her mad-scientist entrepreneur thing and founded fwd@revolution for women and others who have been disenfranchised by corporate America. But she’s not done rattling cages yet--this visionary is seeking out our country’s brightest feminist thinkers, leaders, and doers across all disciplines for some real talk on what needs to change--now.

Hold onto your pearls, because Marie’s asking the tough questions: Who’s to blame for all this? What’s a lady got to do to get subsidized childcare? And what are we gonna wear when we dance in the flames? Tea will be spilled, and voices will be shrill. In this house, our guests are more than welcome to let their hair down and get a little unladylike. (Be warned, at times the language may get too spicy for little ears!)

As our country recovers economically and culturally from everything that went wrong in 2020, those of us who have been marginalized will not go back to silence. We are on the verge of a work/life revolution, and the more diversity and inclusion we have in our ranks, the more equitable, successful and long-lasting our new systems will be. We need everyone to look within themselves and really challenge their most deeply held beliefs about what they’re allowed to do and what they really want. Because we’re ready to push the limits. Are you with us?